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Shaker Screens, Standard Types and Customized

GN Solids Control is a recognized solids control and drilling waste management manufacturer in both home-based and outside China. And Shale Shaker is one of GN Solids Control’s most popular goods in all of GN merchandise line. Each year, GN makes in addition to sells around 250 pieces of GNZS series shale shakers to more than 62 countries and regions of the globe.

GN Shale Shaker Positive aspects:
1 . GN owns twelve patents, most of them are on shale shaker design, and such effective remedies are important to ensure the shaker to present reliable performance without seeping.
2 . GN use Malta Oli brand vibrating engines. For normal models such as GNZS594E and GNZS703E, often the G force for vibrating sex is up to 7. 5, flexible. When talking about High-G blow drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD, the penis-shaped G-force could reach main. 0.
3. In order to thoroughly stand the high vibrating push from the vibrating motor, often the shale shaker has to be built with a substantial structure. That’s why GNZS series shaker’s deck are made from Stainless Steel.

But the good shale shaker is not the only factor to completely show the performance, which is also impacted greatly by the shaker window screens. In order to better control shaker screen’s quality, GN features a separately shaker screen manufacturing plant for supporting GN individual shakers. But since GN displays is very cost-effective, lots of GN clients who already have additional brands’ shakers source window screens from GN. GN would make replacement screen of good good quality and reasonable price with regard to old and new clients, and in addition customizes shaker screens with basis of a MOQ.

The reason why choose GN screens?
- reliable quality and sufficient service life. Because GN Solids Control alone is also shaker manufacturer, GN is more familiar with screens and also knows how to make suitable window screens for shakers.
2 . constantly improving the producing procedure, with proper procedure in addition to methods in making screens, GN screens’ quality is always elevating.
3. good material. GN uses imported glue in addition to based on the mesh center regarding China.

Seeing is thinking, welcome to visit GN and offer trial orders on GN screens.

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